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Toshiba Refrigerator 2 Door Glass Inverter LED Touch 554 Litres Gradation

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Toshiba GR-AG720ATE(GG) refrigerator with inverter compressor works efficiently and saves power during low usage hours. This beautiful refrigerator with gradation glass door and LED touch controls is an appliance that can truly upgrade your kitchen. With a large storage capacity of 554L, it is well suited for medium and large families. The GR-AG720ATE(GG) refrigerator also features a Big Vegetable Crisper and a vegetable basket providing extra room to store more healthy vegetables. All of Toshiba's Inverter refrigerators come with a 10-year Compressor Guaranteed.

<h2>INVERTER TECHNOLOGY </h2><p>Saving energy is at the heart of Toshiba’s ethic. And when it comes to temperature, precision and consistency are key to freshness and longevity. Toshiba's Inverter Technology delivers the highest accuracy in temperature, taking into consideration factors such as usage patterns and loaded capacity. This helps not only maximize efficiency, but it also saves energy and minimizes food waste. </p>


Touch Panel

Smart control with digital panel, the temperature of different compartments can be accuratelly displayed and preciselly controlled with the touch digital panel.


LED Hybrid Deodorizer

To help maintain products and keep your food fresh and tasty for longer periods of time, the LED Hybrid Deodorizer feature operates LED lights on the two photo catalysts, effectively eliminating bacteria such as Ethylene, a gas produced naturally by some fruits and vegetables which accelerates their deterioration. This helps not only reduce food waste but also minimize spoilage.

LED Hybrid Deodorizer

<h2>Ultra Fresh </h2><p>Ultra Fresh keeps food fresh and clean through Speedy Cool, Duo Hybrid Unit and Minus Cool (-3°C). </p>


<h2>ADJUSTABLE DOOR POCKET </h2><p>Thanks to Toshiba's Adjustable Door Pocket innovation, you can rearrange your door boxes and pockets according to your needs, making for a more customized refrigerator experience. </p>


<h2>AG+ CRISPER </h2><p>Preserving vegetables and fruits for longer periods of time is a real asset. The Crisper's Ag+ ion is a natural agent that helps curb bacteria growth and keep foods fresh and tasty for a substantial amount of time. </p>


<h2>ICE TWIST </h2><p>Enjoy ice in your drink at any time. Just twist the handle and there you go!</p>