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Toshiba Refrigerator 2 Door 12 Cu Ft 338L Inverter Satin Grey

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The great attraction of Toshiba RT series refrigerators is their stunning, minimalist and ultra-modern design, which showcases elegant elements to match your kitchen decoration. The range also includes smart inverter technology that reduces energy consumption for long term savings.

AirFALL Cooling

The extra air outlets in the middle of the fridge, can both cool the fridge compartment and the door pockets. It will keep the cooling air inside, temperature more stable, so that the food stays fresh longer.

Protect your supplies, say goodbye to unpleasant odors.

The Pure BIO odor trap is made from ceramic honeycomb impregnated with Ag+ that inhibits bacterial growth. and help eliminate odors. Hierarchical carbon air freshness design, ensures food stays fresh longer. Keeps original taste, great shape and bright color.

Premium Design

This Toshiba Refrigerator comes with Japanese wave integrated handle design. By changing or removing the position of the door pockets, it can flexibly store big and small items according to your needs. Comes with an electronic temperature control system and double bright LED lights.

Humidity Control

Humidity levels can be controlled from high, medium low. Controlling humidity based on different food types can keep the food fresh for a longer period of time. Keep food fresher longer with adjustable humidity control.