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Electrolux Explore 6 Air Fryer Stainless Steel with Touch

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Enjoy crispy and tasty fried food, where little or no oil is used. The versatile Explore 6 Air Fryer can be used for frying, grilling, frying - and even for baking.

Crispy, tasty results using little or no oil.

With Explore 6 Air Fryer, you can enjoy your healthier fried favorite foods. Hot air is recycled to cook the ingredients on all sides to ensure a natural and crunchy finish.


Bake, bake, roast and grill.

The Explore 6 Air Fryer is a versatile kitchen appliance. You don’t have to use multiple appliances when you want to bake, fry, roast or grill - all of which work with Air Fryer. You can take advantage of customized ready-made recipes.


Easy cooking with ready-made programs.

With eight ready-made automated programs, it’s easy to get delicious, healthy results. The Explore 6 Air Fryer is quick and easy to use whether you’re baking muffins or frying chicken and vegetables. Time and temperature can also be selected manually.


Easy to clean in the dishwasher

Removable parts can be easily cleaned. Both the frying basket and the base pan are machine washable.