Frequently Asked Questions

<div class="sp-faq-list"> <details class="sp-faq-item"> <summary class="sp-faq-item__que">0% Offer by Installment??</summary> <div class="sp-faq-item__ans"> <p> If you purchased using your SABB, Samba, Riyad Bank or Bank Albilad credit card then you can convert the purchased into installments at 0%. Just call your local bank and advise them about your purchased from Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics so that your purchased can be converted to 0% installment. </p></div></details> <details class="sp-faq-item"> <summary class="sp-faq-item__que">What products do you sell?</summary> <div class="sp-faq-item__ans"> <p> We offer a wide range of products across Electronics, including TVs, Home Appliances, Small Appliance, Computers and Smartphones. </p></div></details> <details class="sp-faq-item"> <summary class="sp-faq-item__que">Can I pay via Mada?</summary> <div class="sp-faq-item__ans"> <p>Yes! Mada will be displayed during check-out.</p></div></details> <details class="sp-faq-item"> <summary class="sp-faq-item__que">Can I pay using a credit card?</summary> <div class="sp-faq-item__ans"> <p> Yes. Option will be displayed during check-out (if applicable) Selecting Credit Card payment doesn't seem to work during check-out. Why is that? Please contact your Credit Card Issuer. ALJEAC reserves the right to limit the number of payment options available. For more information, please refer to our T &amp; Cs. </p></div></details> <details class="sp-faq-item"> <summary class="sp-faq-item__que"> Where can I find CVV on my Credit / Debit Card? </summary> <div class="sp-faq-item__ans"> <p> The CVV Number ("Card Verification Value") on your credit card or card is a 3 digit number on VISA®, MasterCard® and branded credit and debit card located on the back of the card after the 16 digit card number. On American Express® branded credit or debit card it is a 4 digit code, located at the front of the card, See images: </p><img alt="CVV number" src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0343/8696/8715/files/cvvnumber.png?v=1602073398"/> </div></details> <details class="sp-faq-item"> <summary class="sp-faq-item__que">What are the delivery costs?</summary> <div class="sp-faq-item__ans"> <p> Free Delivery above SR 200 anywhere in the Kingdom when you pay by Credit Card / Sadad / PayPal, SR 32 delivery charge will be levied for orders under SR 200. When you pay by Cash on Delivery there is a Delivery Charge of SR 20. </p></div></details> <details class="sp-faq-item"> <summary class="sp-faq-item__que"> How long will it take to deliver my order? </summary> <div class="sp-faq-item__ans"> <p> If the item in stock in our warehouse it will be delivered within 4 working days. </p></div></details> <details class="sp-faq-item"> <summary class="sp-faq-item__que"> How do I become one of ALJEAC's B2B partners? </summary> <div class="sp-faq-item__ans"> <p> Please contact our Customer Service Team who will contact the relevant Department. You can call them on 8001279999. </p></div></details> <details class="sp-faq-item"> <summary class="sp-faq-item__que"> Do you offer businesses discounts? </summary> <div class="sp-faq-item__ans"> <p> Yes. Please send us an email to support@redsea.com, and we are happy to give you a quote. </p></div></details> <details class="sp-faq-item"> <summary class="sp-faq-item__que"> When precisely shall I receive my items? </summary> <div class="sp-faq-item__ans"> <p> If you didn't receive your order within 30 days after the purchase, please get in touch, by phone <a class="text-orange" href="tel:8001279999" >8001279999</a > or email<a class="text-orange" href="mailto:support@redsea.com" >support@redsea.com</a >. We shall immediately look into the matter and take all the necessary action. </p></div></details> <details class="sp-faq-item"> <summary class="sp-faq-item__que"> How safe is my personal information? </summary> <div class="sp-faq-item__ans"> <p> The protection of your personal information is paramount to us. Any personal information you provide when setting up your customer account and during the ordering process will be high-level SSL encrypted before being transferred to our server. Moreover, we make sure that only the absolute minimum amount of encrypted data will be transferred in the first place. For this reason, some browsers may not display the respective security icons (i.e. the padlock symbol), despite all information being properly encrypted. </p></div></details> <details class="sp-faq-item"> <summary class="sp-faq-item__que">How do I redeem my voucher?</summary> <div class="sp-faq-item__ans"> <p> Vouchers can be redeemed during checkout using the " Enter your Discount Code" option displayed in the Shopping Basket. Enter the voucher code, and click "Redeem" to apply the voucher to your order. You can only use one voucher per order. </p></div></details> <details class="sp-faq-item"> <summary class="sp-faq-item__que">Why can't I redeem my voucher?</summary> <div class="sp-faq-item__ans"> <p> Please get in touch - we'll look into it right away, just email support@redsea.com. If an item is out of stock online. </p></div></details> <details class="sp-faq-item"> <summary class="sp-faq-item__que"> Can I still order it over the phone? </summary> <div class="sp-faq-item__ans"> <p> No, all items are stored in our Warehouses across KSA, if it is out stock online then it will be out of stock in our warehouses. </p></div></details> <details class="sp-faq-item"> <summary class="sp-faq-item__que"> What is the returns and refund policy? </summary> <div class="sp-faq-item__ans"> <p> You have up to 5 days to return item, however, you must pay for the return back to our Returns Centre. Please contact our Customer Service Centre, who will to provide you with a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) Number to return your item. Please call on 8001279999 Any refund made are subject to approval by Technical Team and your refund will applied back to your method of payment used at the time you placed the order. if you used Cash on Delivery to pay for your goods then we will make a bank transfer, less any fees. </p></div></details> <details class="sp-faq-item"> <summary class="sp-faq-item__que"> How do I return items I've bought online? </summary> <div class="sp-faq-item__ans"> <p> Please contact our Customer Service Centre, who will to provide you with a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) Number to return your item. </p></div></details> <details class="sp-faq-item"> <summary class="sp-faq-item__que"> What are the terms of your Warranty for electrical products? </summary> <div class="sp-faq-item__ans"> <p> All products come with a minimum 2 year Warranty, some products or parts may have a longer warranty, this will state on product page. How long do I have to return an item? You must notify us immediately that you wish to return the item. Your return period is 5 days. </p></div></details> <details class="sp-faq-item"> <summary class="sp-faq-item__que"> Which payment options do you accept? </summary> <div class="sp-faq-item__ans"> <p> You can pay by Credit Card and Debit Card. </p></div></details> <details class="sp-faq-item"> <summary class="sp-faq-item__que">Can I cancel an order online?</summary> <div class="sp-faq-item__ans"> <p>Yes, if the order has not been shipped and the status of your order is still confirmed, you can cancel from the “Cancel Order” option within 6 hours, and if your order has been shipped you must contact us immediately by phone or email. 8001279999 or support@redsea.com. If the order has left the warehouse please refuse the order and it will be returned to us to process as a refund, cancellation fees may apply.</p></div></details> <details class="sp-faq-item"> <summary class="sp-faq-item__que"> What if a competitor is running a very short-term promotion? </summary> <div class="sp-faq-item__ans"> <p> Will you still price match? Every retailer is able to sell their products at the price they wish to, we will only price match on the Standard Retail Price. </p></div></details><details class="sp-faq-item"> <summary class="sp-faq-item__que"> How do I delete my Redsea.com account? </summary> <div class="sp-faq-item__ans"> <p> You can submit a request for us to permanently close your Redsea account and delete your personal information. Please reach out to us via email at support@redsea.com or through any of our social media channels to request account cancellation. <br><strong>Note:</strong> Once your account has been closed, you will no longer be able to access your order history. </p></div></details></div>