WWH(30-36K) Pro Split AC
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White Westinghouse Pro Split AC 27800 BTU Cooling

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Want to keep your home or office cool? Even in the summer, high ambient temperatures are a major concern. White Westinghouse Pro AC is the ideal solution for cooling your home or office. It comes with a powerful cooling system and a lot of other features that make it worth every penny!

The 60℃ Strong Cooling in High Ambient Temp will help keep you cool and comfortable. It comes with Bipolar Ionic Generator & UVC Sterilization Pro, eliminating 98.66% of bacteria and leaving the air clean and fresh.

With this split AC, you can easily install it in any location and make the most of its large vents, making it suitable for all weather conditions. It is easy to install and maintain, with just 3 steps needed for a deeper cleaning.