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Dora 55-Inch QLED 4K Android Smart TV with Receiver built-in

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With cutting-edge quantum dot technology, Dora 4K QLED TVs produce a vibrant, lifelike image. With a 4K resolution of up to 3,840 x 2,160 pixels and HDR10+, images will be crisp and clear. These TVs are equipped with a revolutionary new type of self-illuminating backlight, Quantum Dot LEDs, which emit a purer color spectrum with lower power consumption and more accurate colors. The QLED TV produces better quality images with improved luminosity, color gamut and consistency for a more natural viewing experience of the highest quality of exceptional colors. Access all your favorite TV apps and evolve your entertainment on Android TV – from Netflix, YouTube, SHAHID VIP, Amazon Prime and much, much more. With google assistant, Dora offers AI solution for your home life. You can easily control your TV and other home devices just with your voice.

Equipped with 2 GB DDR with 16GB Flash, in addition to the Android, Audio Power Speaker with 10W +10W Output, enjoy ultra-realistic, enhanced sound with Dolby Audio. Plug your favorite entertainment and media into your TV and watch videos, play music, or view photos through x3 HDMI and 2 USB connection. This device also features in-built satellite receiver and built-in, Wi-Fi Bluetooth and LAN for your convenience.