GR-RF610WE-PMU(37) (1)
GR-RF610WE-PMU(37) (2)

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Toshiba French Door Refrigerator 4-Door Dual Inverter LED Touch 457L Satin Grey

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The 1st Japanese Quality 3-System of OriginFRESH™ multi-door Dual Inverter Refrigerator. Not only this fridge keep food in its original state of freshness for longer, but it also transforms by expanding right spaces when you need it.

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Compressor Inverter & Fan Inverter

Origin INVERTER, the compressor inverter and fan inverter share the same frequency. 2 inverters start speeding up at the same time, to make bigger cold airflow and achieve fast and powerful cooling.

Dual Cooling

The conventional refrigerator controls the fridge temp by 1 cooling system in the freezer. This would cause unstable temp problem. TOSHIBA Dual Cooling system control temp in fridges and freezers independently, makes accurate temperature control and no smells mixing.

Moisture & Flexible Zone

One Moisture crisper provides 2-level moisture, and one Flexible crisper provides 3 flexible options, which make multiple storage solutions for all kinds of food.

Pure Bio

Pure Bio with plasma module produces ions which can neutralize odors and kill the smell bacteria. Keep original taste of food. Plasma module doesn't need to change compared with traditional net carbon. Convenient and durable.

Alloy Cooling

Alloy cooling on the back of the refrigerator dissipates heat faster, uniformly cooling the fridge at a faster rate.