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Toshiba Free Standing Gas Cooker 5 Burner with Grill 90x60 Stainless Steel

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Premium and Stylish Appearance

Premium, modern and stylish, Toshiba Lava Series Gas Cooker brings an undeniable luster to kitchen spaces. It elevates the traditional oven appearance and sets a standard for today's home appliances with a smooth, mild and sophisticated matt charcoal grey finish embellished with rose gold details — for a timeless expression that pairs beautifully with any style.

Ergonomic and Friendly Design

Ergonomically designed, the controlling area is crafted to offer superb precision and comfort. Smooth, anti-fingerprint and skin-friendly texture take both the look and functionality of the knobs to a new level; long and rounded oven handle make sure every grab and touch is easy and gentle.

Toshiba Gas Cooker Ergonamic

Powerful Burners

Either quickly boil water with intense energy, or to achieve true simmer for sauces and delicate dishes with low and even heat, our 5 potent and well-arranged burners, ranging from 1kW to 3.6kW flexible power, can satisfy your various needs.

Toshiba Gas Cooker Powerful Burners

Advanced Convection Fan

Enjoy consistent heating with advanced convection fan. Carefully placed at the optimum position inside the cavity, the powerful convection fan helps to cook in an efficient way with remarkable evenness, offering a time-saving cooking yet a superior-result guaranteed performance.

Built-in Thermostat 

Cook or bake precisely and stress-freely with the help of the built-in thermostat. The sensitive probe constantly monitors the oven temperature, and automatically adjusts the power output to a lower setting when it reaches the desired temperature. Precise cooking or baking is all under control.

Toshiba Gas Cooker Thermostat

Gentle Movement Door and Glass Lid

The door features a sophisticated cushioning mechanism for elegant opening and closing. The glass lid can be closed quietly with extra protection from the rubber end.

Toshiba Gas Cooker Glass Lid