What Type of Coffee Machine Should You Choose ?

Whether you are about to start your busy day or looking for a refreshing beverage, a cup of coffee always works. While buying a cup of coffee from your local coffee store may seem like a good option, nothing works better than a freshly made coffee at home. Yes, you do not have to be an expert at making yourself a cup of coffee; all you need to have is the right coffee machine to do it.

Several things must be kept in mind while choosing a coffee machine. Therefore, to make it easier for you, we will focus on the essential factors that can help you select the ideal coffee machine for you and your family.

Coffee Quality

Your preferred quality of coffee depends upon varying factors. A coffee machine with the right combination of fresh coffee grounds will produce a quality cup of coffee. If you are a coffee lover, you might want to invest in an extensive coffee machine that can bring you that authentic café-style coffee at home. Moreover, if you lead a busy lifestyle and want to start your day with a simple cup of coffee, a non-complex coffee machine would be ideal.


The idea of owning a coffee machine that can give you different coffee styles right in your home may seem fascinating. However, the more features a coffee machine has, the longer you need to understand its mechanics and how to operate it accordingly. Before you go all out and spend on that expensive coffee machine only to see it left aside after a few cups of coffee, you need to think about how you plan to use it.

If convenience matters to you more than anything else, you might want to consider buying something that operates with one touch. One-touch super-automatic or a pod and capsule coffee machines are examples of one-touch machines. Some models may come on an expensive side but are easy to use and require minimal cleaning.

Filter Coffee or Espresso Machines

Filter coffee machines are the easiest to use, and you do not need to know any intricate details to get a simple cup of coffee. These are the machines that we might usually view as drip coffee makers. The filtration process takes place with the help of a paper filter in the required basket. Once you fill the water tank with an appropriate amount of water, it heats up and passes through the coffee grind and drip through the filter into the carafe. These machines are the cheapest and are available in easy-to-maintain variants. The only limitation is that the process of getting the final cup of coffee is quite time consuming, and you can only prepare filter coffee with it.

The thought of owning and operating an espresso machine right from your kitchen at home may seem quite ambitious, but it is quite possible. There are compact single-serve variants that can give you that right shot of espresso every time you hit the button. The home espresso machines work exactly like the ones you see at coffee shops. For a home espresso model, you need to keep the water tank full. It also requires you to know how to add the coffee in the group handle, tamp it, and then connect it to the group head. Once you get your espresso shot, you can always mix a little bit of milk or cream and sugar to get your version of coffee. If you are passionate about the entire coffee-making process and would love to delve more in-depth into the mechanics of it, well, the espresso machine is for you.

Readiness to Learn

As we just read about the filter coffee and the espresso machine by now, you should know which machine you would prefer. If you are not a coffee connoisseur and all you want is a hot cup of coffee to start your day as early as possible, you would look for something as simple as the filter coffee machine.

However, if you cannot wait to brew your coffee professionally and become a master at it, then an espresso machine is something you would definitely like to have.


Money matters to all of us. However, that should not be the only factor that keeps you from getting what you want. If you are a coffee purist, then a simple filter coffee machine can surely give you a cup of coffee but will not give you the experience you may desire. If you are keen on knowing, learning, and experiencing coffee brewing, then a cheaper machine will not meet your needs. There are various affordable semi-automatic models available in the market that can surely spark your interest.

Speed of the Machine

The pace at which your coffee machine operates can make or break your day. Each model has its speed and recovery rate. It is one of the critical aspects to be known before you invest in any coffee machine. If you are looking for a coffee machine that can give you quick cups of quality coffee in succession, then you need to ensure it has: - A large water tank - A dual boiler - The feature to steam milk and brew all at once

Coffee Machine Features to Look for:

Milk Frothing

If you are one of those who love cappuccinos or lattes and consider more milk in your coffee, then milk frothing is something that you should look for in your coffee machine. You can choose from the models that have standalone frothing options to the ones that have built-in automatic froth maker.

Smart Memory

Depending upon the variant of the coffee machine you choose, some machines can automatically adjust your drink settings based on your daily preference. The memory function helps give out the exact amount and strength of coffee every time you push that button. Capacity

The bigger, the better. Coffee machines with bigger water tanks require less refilling, and you can make a larger quantity of coffee in one go. Check the capacity of the water tank before you finalize the machine.


You need to maintain your machine if you want it to last longer. Automatic cleaning options make cleaning even more effortless. If you go for a model that does not have automatic cleaning, make sure you check the parts to see if they are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.

Smart Controls

Gone are the days when you manually had to note when was the last time you cleaned your coffee machine. Some automatic coffee machines have apps that can connect to your smartphone. The machine gives you control over operating the machine via the app and alert you for maintenance and any other troubleshooting tips.


It is an important aspect to be kept in mind while purchasing a coffee machine. Depending on the brand you choose, the warranty can vary from 30 days up to a year. Some warranties only cover manufacturer defects or may have a warranty on the machine parts only.


You are now aware of the essential factors to be kept in mind while purchasing a coffee machine. Hopefully, the points mentioned above help you decide to get that ideal coffee machine that can give you and your family perfect cups of coffee every time.