Bosch i-DOS (Intelligent Dosing) Technology Explained

Bosch is known to lead the charge when it comes to washing machines. The technology Bosch uses in their washing machines has made doing laundry an easy task. They offer a variety of products to discerning consumers who are willing to make the right investment.

One such technology that Bosch is famous for is the i-DOS system in washing machines.

How does the i-DOS system work in BOSCH Washing Machines?
  • The Bosch i-DOS washing machine has an integrated sensor inside the machine. The sensors enable the machine detect a load of clothing inside the drum automatically. It helps the machine make a precise decision while cleaning your laundry.

  • The washing machines also have integrated software that detects the level of soiling on clothes. Depending upon the dirt level, the washing machine automatically dispenses the amount of detergent required for cleaning your laundry.

  • The in-built water hardness gauge enables the system to determine if there is a shortage of water or can manage cleaning with minimum water and detergent. The feature helps save water and money in the long run.

Let us now check out the important features of the i-DOS system enabled in a Bosch washing machine:

  • Automatic Detergent Dose

    Using too little or too much detergent can hamper your laundry adversely. An insufficient amount of detergent will fail to remove stains from your heavily soiled clothes resulting in unclean and smelly clothes. Too much soap, on the other hand, may leave residue on your clothes which can cause skin allergies. Moreover, excessive detergent usage will require additional wash cycles leading to increased water and energy consumption.

    The problem of inadequate or excessive detergent while washing clothes in a machine is common and this is where the i-DOS system comes into the picture. The integrated sensors in the washing machine activate the i-DOS system, which then automatically doses the precise amount of detergent required for washing your laundry.

    The sensors activate and adjust the dose of detergent required for cleaning based on the type of fabric, the volume of clothes and the level of soiling. The temperature selection sets automatically to give you an optimized wash in every cycle.

  • Allergy Plus Program

    As mentioned earlier, excessive detergent usage can result in visible residue on your clothes and cause skin irritation to those with sensitive skin. The i-DOS system helps eliminate the problem of excessive detergent by dosing the perfect amount of soap in every wash. With the help of the Allergy Plus program, the detergent residue gets removed by washing your clothes at a higher temperature and a longer rinse cycle. Thus, it gives you a clean and fresh laundry every time.

  • Energy Efficient - EcoBar Plus Feature

    As indicated earlier in this article, excessive detergent usage can not only cause skin irritation, but can also consume more energy to wash clothes. It may require longer rinse cycles, resulting in excessive water usage and energy consumption. With the help of Bosch i-DOS system, the detergent dose in every wash cycle is precise to the nearest millimeter. Thus, the machine makes use of 30% less soap and saves up to 7000 liters of water annually. Therefore, it saves an overall cost on utility bills as well.

    Additionally, the intelligent EcoBar Plus feature in few models indicates the level of energy and water consumption depending upon the wash cycle you choose for your laundry. The less the number of LEDs illuminated, the more resources you save.

  • Fill the Detergent Drawer Only Once

    Bosch i-DOS system enabled washing machine has made the detergent measuring cups almost obsolete. The machine has two separate chambers. The large detergent chamber can store up to 1.3 liters of liquid detergent. The other drawer for added convenience can store up to 0.5 liters of fabric conditioner. Once you start the machine, fill up the chambers when the indicator comes on, and you do not have to look back on refilling the detergent for up to 20 washes.

  • Vario Perfect Program

    The Vario Perfect program in several models can help you choose to save time or energy. You can save time by choosing the SpeedPerfect option that can wash your laundry in an hour. If you wish to conserve energy, then you can opt for the EcoPerfect feature, which saves almost one-third of your energy consumption. With the Vario Perfect program, it is always a win-win situation.

  • EcoSilence Drive

    Bosch has left no stone unturned to revolutionize the world of washing machines. Some models of the i-DOS system enabled washing machines to use the EcoSilence Drive technology. It means the washing machine has a brushless motor that is quieter, faster, durable, and more energy efficient, making it the most powerful washing machine developed by Bosch.

  • Active Water Technology

    The Active Water technology consists of three components along with the drum system - internal sensor-control, continuous automatic load adjustment and optimised water induction. The internal sensor-control helps adjust the precise water consumption for every wash based on the type of fabric and load. With the help of optimised water inflow, the flow of water is mild and gentle as well as the laundry soaks faster and more evenly. The droplet-shaped drum design and paddles help in distributing the water quickly and uniformly. Bosch washing machines with Active Water technology significantly help in effective water management at homes.

Moreover, the i-DOS washing machine also gives you the flexibility to manually add specific detergents, bleach and other cleaning agents to your favourite clothes and delicates.

The new technology from Bosch is sure to transform the way you do your laundry. From easy washing to saving bills, you name it, and Bosch washing machines have got you covered.